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Welcome to Willow Artistry

My name is Christine Wueste. I’m an artist and crafter from the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Better known across the world as Charleston, we locals know it as The Holy City or Chucktown.

Despite being an introvert at heart, I’m excited to share my artwork with you and explain the inspiration behind each piece. For the first time, I am not tidying up the raw emotions that drive the paintbrush. The pretty bow I usually wrap around those feelings is gone.

Contact me to discuss commissioning a piece or have general questions regarding a sale or the site. Also, don’t forget to follow me on social media for bonus posts and freebies!

Products & Services

Prints and Fine Art

  • Original paintings (various surfaces, visit the Shop page for more details) and sketches. All are finish-coated to prevent yellowing or color fading.
  • Prints of originals for those on a budget
  • Available for commissions

Hand-crafted Pieces

  • Custom-cut paper silhouettes
  • Light furniture restoration
  • Paper-cut 3-D wall art
  • Random but awesome shelf and wall decor (all hand-made of course)

FREE tutorials, advice and other great resources for fellow artists

Artist Statement

Art is the outlet that lets me say all the things which are otherwise indescribable. A brush stroke can convey passion, anger, peacefulness, fear or any other range of feelings, but for me, it is also finding closure with a memory. The way a song can transport dreamers in an instant, the canvas does the same.

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