‘First We Must Fall‘: A Series in the Making

The start to 2020 has been nothing short of tragic. As I write this, more than 3700 people have died from COVID-19. Already more than the death toll of 9/11, refrigerated tractor trailers are now serving as temporary morgues for those in New York City. In a six hour span, one person will die every three minutes in that state alone.

With the only weapon proven to battle further spread of the disease being isolation, it’s difficult to feel as though we’re all together. Together as a person, as a family, as a nation or as a world.

I’ve always felt my best work comes out of grief and despair. It’s quite the double-edged sword. I want to be at the apex of my own creativity but do not want to feel the turmoil I often do.

I slide back and forth on the scale of a lifelong battle with chronic depression, and have recently been on the sadder end of the spectrum. So I must take advantage of my disadvantage, pouring everything into my artwork.

The first painting in the series is ‘Into Pieces’ (left). Though it has already been sold, I’ve included some photos of how the second painting is developing and sketches that will inspire the arc of the series. These will of course be posted for sale as I work through them.

I don’t want to show too much yet but I hope you enjoy seeing a bit of the series’ foundation. To be continued….

By Willow Artistry by Christine Wueste

I’ve been crafting my home decor and artwork since I traded my bassinet walls for the real deal. Painting and paper art are my favorites and make up the bulk of my listed pieces. I hope you enjoy my pieces as much as enjoy making them!

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