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My Latest Piece, ‘TW’

‘TW’; Christine Wueste; 2020; Graphite on Bristol Vellum (270gsm); 9 x 12 inches

“H is for…. Hungry”

– Travis Ware

A Portrait of One Cool Guy

I met Travis at an old place of employment. It was his first day, and the poor thing was paired with me as his trainer. We were destined to be the best of buddies, known instantly when he phonetically read back the letter “h” to a caller as “hungry”.

I died right then and have died a million times since from laughing so hard I can’t breathe and crying ‘HAHA’ tears while trying to drive. I don’t recommend that last little bit, but I do recommend getting yourself a friend that makes you smile no matter how deep you’re hurting, that can distract you from the turmoil life brings by saying something so out of left field you can’t help but forget what you were bothered about, and that never forgets to check in just for funzies.

This is the first portrait I’ve done of a friend, but he asked for it and sent me a sassy picture… so there ya go.

Here’s the actual Travis (You can also find him allll over social media, on his radio show Real Talk With Travis Ware, on The Travis Ware Show and on a gasp-worthy new show TSWDFL.

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By Willow Artistry by Christine Wueste

I’ve been crafting my home decor and artwork since I traded my bassinet walls for the real deal. Painting and paper art are my favorites and make up the bulk of my listed pieces. I hope you enjoy my pieces as much as enjoy making them!

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