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Art Drop!!

What the hell is an art drop?

Great question, my friend! An art drop happens when I have created several pieces but was not able to write posts as I finished them. So instead of writing individual posts for each one, I’ve decided to randomly dump them on you in one pretty post. Sexy, right?

Every couple of months or so I have to repair or replace my laptop. It suddenly vanishes and is later found with a few boo-boo’s because it’s been thrown at whatever’s in its path, dropped off a cliff, dunked in the pond, set on fire, eaten by honey badgers, or destroyed by some other means. While the style of execution varies, the motive is always the same: blogger burnout (content, content, content ladies!!)

I have no idea who would do something like this… several times, every couple of months. I even hear they’re happy in a remote place with a sketch pad and easel somewhere, still laughing at my computer’s latest demise. The scoundrel.

Dying to get behind the art?

If I’m being honest, which I have to be because I promised myself this website will have no pretty words to mask my thoughts (does not apply to description of art drops), I’m somewhere around ‘meh’ on the optimism scale for writing about each piece and its inspiration.

Because few things mean more to me than when people like and take an interest in my art, say the word and I’ll be happy to add the details behind the piece that strikes you. Most of the work you see on today’s Art Drop is already spoken for, but if you see one that is not marked as sold, contact me for pricing. If you want your own portrait, contact me for more info!

Finished Pieces

‘Misses Max’, 2020, Christine Wueste, graphite on Bristol vellum, 9 x 12 inches
‘Coburg’, 2020, Christine Wueste, graphite on Bristol Vellum, 9 x 12 inches

“Does the term ‘starving artist’ still apply if the artist has money to eat but also has two very spoiled and tubby dogs that eat first?”

On The Easel

Like my work or just like supporting local artists? Even if your answer is no to both questions, follow me on social media and subscribe to my blog! You’ll stay up-to-date without the frustrating email blasts clogging your inbox. All items are for sale, unless marked ‘sold’. Prints are available for most drawings and prints. See an item without a price or want to commission a piece? Contact me! As always, thank you for reading!

By Willow Artistry by Christine Wueste

I’ve been crafting my home decor and artwork since I traded my bassinet walls for the real deal. Painting and paper art are my favorites and make up the bulk of my listed pieces. I hope you enjoy my pieces as much as enjoy making them!

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