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Finished Pieces “Does the term ‘starving artist’ still apply if the artist has money to eat but also has two very spoiled and tubby dogs that eat first?” On The Easel

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My Latest Piece, ‘Into A Memory’

‘Into a Memory’: Artist Perspective The Bigger Picture: ‘First We Must Fall’, a Series in the Making ‘Into A Memory’ is the second piece for my series-in-the-making, ‘First We Must Fall’. The series is inspired by the multitude of difficult emotions the COVID-19 pandemic has forced upon us. The theme within the theme mirrors COVID’s […]

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My Latest Piece, ‘TW’

“H is for…. Hungry” – Travis Ware A Portrait of One Cool Guy I met Travis at an old place of employment. It was his first day, and the poor thing was paired with me as his trainer. We were destined to be the best of buddies, known instantly when he phonetically read back the […]

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Dragonfly Wall Decor: Easy, Free, DIY Tutorial

With the pandemic still going strong and unemployment numbers being higher than they were even in the Great Depression, about half of the American population has a lot of extra time and no extra cash to make it more enjoyable. Don’t feel crappy, just get crafty! (I pulled out THAT much cheese just to make […]

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‘Into Pieces’ Prints Now on Sale!

I’m very excited to say that this piece has received a lot of positive attention. It’s extremely appreciated and humbling. Though the original painting is sold, you may purchase high-gloss 8×10 I’m happy prints for only $10 + shipping! I will deliver free of charge to my neighbors in Foxbank Plantation. 5 x 7 inch […]

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My latest piece, ‘Pathway’

Okay, guys, I can’t lie. I’m proud of this one. And at the same time it makes me sad. It didn’t make me sad until after I’d finished it. No fault of the painting – read on to find out who is to blame… (suspenseful music plays in the background as a soap opera actress […]


Custom Painting

Wherever your beach may be, this fun painting will proudly display it! Personalized text makes this a fun option to hang on your wall. Beach scene not for you? Not to worry. This can be shifted to a backdrop of the mountains, river or ever outer space. Contact me to make it happen! Price will […]

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Finished Seashells

Who doesn’t like painted coastal seashells? If you said no one, you’re 100% correct. This instantly means you’re 100% guaranteed to impress your inner interior designer and guests with these hand-painted shells. $20.00/ShellBuy 5 shells, save $10.00! Shells sourced from beaches of South Carolina Hand-painted ocean landscape on one side; rose gold on the other […]